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We have cloth embroidered patches, decals, calendars, hats, flags, etc. Also we have handmade jewelry and scarves and hats.

Do you have an idea for a custom scarf or bracelet or cap - just email us and we can discuss the options and price with you

The patriot guard items are in very small one time quantities.


If you need computers or computer/office related items just go to my electronics site -


This Month's Special


$45 ($80 value) 100 photos converted to high-res CD - DVD add $10
$80 ($170 value) 250 photos converted to high-res CD - DVD add $10
$55 ($99 value) 100 photos converted to pro-res CD - DVD add $10
$110 ($220 value) 250 photos converted to pro-res CD - DVD add $10

High-resolution converts to 12 megapixels
Pro-resolution is 18 megapixels
JPEG files are easy to store on a hard drive and email to friends

Contact me. You can mail your photos or I can pick up if you live within a 25 mile radius of Marion County, Indianapolis, IN


I can also be found on Facebook


Other items will be developed and if you have any suggestions please so advise.




Summer Blow Out Sale Prices

Each handmade bracelet (on sale) is one of a kind. Although some may have similar appearance they are in fact made individually and without design of being the same as another but the same meticulous workmanship is done on each item constructed.


Also our knitted/crocheted items (on sale) are individually done and although some may look alike at first glance, you will not be able to order more than one of any one item shown here. We pride ourselves in doing our products by hand so although we may make another similar item the one that is shown is the one you will get and it is unique unto itself.



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