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The Story of the Star Bangled Banner


by Richard Wilbur


1) Why do people address politicians by telling them that they must stop people from killing each other in the black community?

Has anyone ever asked and understood the implication of this question - Who kills the most blacks, by a huge margin, in the black community? If you don't know the answer to the previous question then RESEARCH IT. The issue is very complicated but the simplistic answer is why haven't the people involved been taught the morals and principles that are acceptable to live by, i.e. life is valuable, tolerance, force is rarely a solver of problems, and victimhood is mostly a product of a lack of personal responsibility.

2) I am offended by "Black History Month" as it is just another divisive way of separating us all which creates friction and hatred. But then again where is the "Asian History Month", the "Latin American Month", the "Native American Month", the "LGBT Month", the "Me Too Month", etc. etc.? There are twelve months in the year and in America they are the Human Race Months as in we are all one and we should concentrate on being human and all that that entails in being Proud Americans. We in the USA have become a Nation of 'tribes' and 'tribal identity' is destroying the very fabric that the USA was founded upon. We are and should always remains a 'melting pot' of people and never a people of a multitude of different identities and agendas.

3) As of the date of this writing (March 19, 2020) there has been just over 100 deaths from the Coronavirus in the USA. There has been National, State, and local quarantines and warnings and endless media coverage on how to stop the virus and what is being required of people and businesses, including closing many businesses and preventing hospitals to do any 'unnecessary' surgery. I understand the concern but believe it is an over reaction. However, what did this country do about the 'normal' seasonal virus that has killed over 20,000 people in the USA, which is also present during the Coronavirus outbreak.

4) Yes there should be a sidewalk built on the street where the recent tragedy (5/23/2020 - occurred of three teens killed while walking. I have another concern also - why the hell were three teenagers of 13, 14, and 15 years of age outside walking in the first damn place at 1:00AM!!?

5) Equality IS NOT hiring someone because they are the first, or because of their skin color, race, gender or lack thereof, nor their religion or lack thereof - the aforementioned acts are actually the definition of racism and inequality. Hiring should be based on qualifications and character ONLY and that is real EQUALITY. When you hire/pick/choose someone to do something based solely on their skin color/religion/who they know/who you think you owe, then you are sliding down the backside of a big mountain toward disaster, corruption, inefficiency and total oblivion. Just look at our politicians as their 'identity/tribal politics' are the arrows to the heart of equality, equity and fairness.

6) The consideration or even addressing a potential Judge appointee's political leanings is tantamount to saying our judicial system is not fair or even just. The argument that a judge is a liberal or conservative is the deadly slope that we have been rolling down. Judges are not suppose to be liberal or conservative but they are suppose to be “objective and make decisions based on the Constitution and law” and without any predilection or influence of political leanings.

7) BLM being nominated for the Noble Peace Prize is like the KKK being nominated for the Nobel Tolerance Prize.


8) Just remember, It's not a lie if you have been conditioned to believe it.
So... be more open-minded, tactful and tolerant of others and start thinking for yourself. Question the data that enters your brain.

9) Why is 13% of the population in control of the 87%? Also that 13% can be tagged as the motivator and encourager of the inevitable coming civil war within the US, all because many have bought into their false narrative. At its core is corruption and greed for the money that is freely donated to it and very little is used for their so-called cause.

10) Joseph Biden = Neville Chamberlain

11) The Nazis started controlling its citizens by public burnings of books they didn’t like and that was the beginning of outlawing what you were to read and think. Now the “Cancel Culture” is outlawing many books and many will never be published again. The Nazis and the ‘left’ bear a remarkable resemblance as both of their ideologies promote thinking all you want but ‘we’ll’ only tolerate what we allow you to think and read and say and do.

12) Black History Month should be renamed or stopped as it offends me and is not inclusive. Why? Where is LGBT American month, Asian American month, Hispanic American month, Native American month, Middle Eastern American month, Muslim American month, Christian American month, or for that matter where’s the white American month, I think you get the idea and the absurdity of the tribal identity crap is just a divisive tool.

13) Every mass shooting creates the “ban assault weapons and large capacity magazines” mantra. My question is - isn’t murder already “banned”? Think about that - really think about it and if you have any common sense and rationale you’ll understand that firearms and magazines aren’t the 'real' problem.

14) Argument against reparations.

15) If you wish to reduce violence you must convince young people that tomorrow matters. Basically instilling society morals and principles in their psyche.

16) In our cancel culture it appears no one or no object will survive. Should we cancel out MLK Jr. because of his constant adultery as we seem to want to cancel everyone else for their past and to hell with what they did good. As no human is perfect, or even close to perfection, we should be able to accept that fact and yet not overlook but be able to be grateful for their good actions/behavior and honor that.

17) Can you live without being Unforgiven?